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Xbox Series S – Will it Survive the Battle Against PS5

I do wonder what kind of audience Microsoft is aiming with the Xbox Series S. It’s basically a cut-down version of the Series X, offering only 4 teraflops of GPU performance, a slightly slower CPU, 10GB ram and only 512GB storage.

Taken from Theverge … MMicrosoft revealed its Xbox Series S console last week, aiming to offer more budget-friendly next-gen gaming for $299. The console is specifically targeted at 1440p resolution rather than 4K, leading to some lingering questions and confusion around just how well it will play next-gen games. There are concerns around the GPU performance, memory, and whether the Series S could hold back next-gen gaming. I got a chance to speak with Jason Ronald, Microsoft’s director of Xbox program management, to dig into what’s really going on with the Xbox Series S.

The biggest difference between the larger Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, apart from the size and design, is the GPU inside. The Xbox Series S has 4 teraflops of GPU performance, compared to the 12.15 teraflops on the Xbox Series X. The smaller console also has less RAM (10GB instead of 16GB) that also runs slower than the Series X. Other than that, the Series S runs the same Series X CPU at a slightly slower speed, and has 512GB of SSD storage instead of 1TB.

Some of the changes Microsoft has made to accommodate a cheaper Series S console have created a lot of debate around whether this console will hold back next-gen gaming in general. “Really bummed about this RAM situation on the Series S,” said Axel Gneiting, a principal engine programmer at id Software, in a now deleted tweet. “This isn’t easy to compensate and drags down base spec quite a bit for next-gen multi platform.”

Source: Theverge


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