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AMD Could be Adding Ryzen 5000-Series Support to 300-Series Chipsets

If this is true … then it would be pretty amazing for users who are on the older 300-series chipset.

Taken from Tom’s Hardware … More than a year after the release of the Ryzen 5000 chips that have been a staple on our list of the Best CPUs for gaming, AMD tells us the company is now looking at options to allow the chips to be used with 300-series motherboards. “It’s definitely something we’re working through. And it’s not lost on us at all that this would be a good thing to do for the community, and we’re trying to figure out how to make it happen,” David McAfee, AMD’s Corporate VP and GM of the Client Channel business, told Tom’s Hardware during an interview.

The move comes after several motherboard makers unexpectedly added support for Ryzen 5000 models to lowly 300-series A320 motherboards last month, but were purportedly blocked from enabling the same support on more capable X370 and B350 motherboards. That led to withering criticism from the enthusiast community.

The issue is a continuation of an old problem for AMD that began almost two years ago. The company promised to support its AM4 ecosystem for five years, but motherboard limitations ultimately restricted its ability to continue supporting every Ryzen chip on every AM4 platform. Those limitations eventually led to AMD’s original decision to limit its Ryzen 5000 processors to only new, pricey 500-series motherboards, igniting a firestorm of criticism from its vocal fanbase and casual users alike. That spurred the company to reverse course and compromise by supporting 400-series motherboards.

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