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PS5 Pre-orders Sold Out at Walmart within Minutes

Reports are in … PS5 Pre-orders are completely sold out at Walmart within minutes. However, there’s more available if you know what to do. Here’s a quick guide from Techradar...

PS5 Walmart pre-orders are in stock – kind of. It’s the only US retailer with the new PlayStation in stock periodically. You must go to the link below and keep refreshing.

Walmart has two PS5 pre-order pages:

Try to nab either version. It may be your only chance to get a PS5 before 2021, and no, you won’t see a cheap price during Black Friday 2020. No American retailer needs to discount the PS5 this year. Act fast.


PS5 pre-order Walmart tips

1. Keep refreshing – even if PS5 is ‘out of stock’
The Walmart PS5 pre-order page will say “Out of stock” in red text. That’s true, but it’s also a lie. We saw this with new AirPods on Black Friday. It’ll be sold out one second and the next come back in stock.

2. Stay in touch on Twitter
We’re documenting the entire experience and trying to find more PS5 consoles in stock.

3. Grab either version of the PS5 pre-order
At this point, don’t be picky. A lot of people are debating between the PS5 vs the PS5 Digital Edition. Right now, if you want it in 2020, splurge on the more expensive PS5 Standard Edition. It’s $100 more, but in our estimation, worth the cash since physical games often go cheaper in the long run.

4.  Log into Walmart ahead of time
In the time you read the title of point #3, the original PS5 pre-orders sold out. That’s how fast this new PlayStation console is selling. It sold out in seconds, not minutes.

5. Get someone to help you buy it
How much do your friends and family love you? Having a friend try to secure you a PS5 pre-order isn’t a bad idea when the website could be down for you, but up for someone else.

Walmart will have PS5 pre-orders, which is going to be a relief to anyone who hasn’t been able to find the new Sony PlayStation 5 in stock in the last 24 hours.

PS5 will be “available to purchase starting at 6:00 PM PT / 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, September 17” says the official Walmart PS5 pre-order page description. In other words: this is not a drill.

More at Techradar.

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