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GTA V Is Free On PC Right Now From Epic

Apparently there’s a 12 hour wait for your download, Good luck everyone …

Taken from Forbes … Sure enough, the rumors were true. We mostly had this confirmed when Epic accidentally tweeted out the announcement last night before deleting it, but it went live at 11:00 AM Eastern, meaning that it’s free for anyone with a PC that wants it.

As with all other free games on Epic, there’s really no catch. It will be free for two weeks, and once you redeem it, it’s yours: you don’t even need to download it. All you need to do is download the Epic Games Launcher—you might already have it from playing Fortnite—and then navigate over to the store. Once you’re there, you can’t miss it: just click on the icon and redeem it.

I’d recommend doing this even if your computer isn’t up to actually playing GTA 5: the game is yours anyways, and so it will be ready for you in case you ever get hardware powerful enough to make it work. A free game is a free game, and there’s really no reason not to go get it.

Source: Forbes


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