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Optimised for Xbox Series X – But what does that mean?

Watch out for game titles that are “Optimised” for Xbox Series X. I’m guessing these titles will be backward compatible for Xbox One X as well.

Taken from Pocketlint … When the Xbox Series X arrives in the holiday season, it will be launched with several games optimised especially for the next-gen machine.

In fact, they will even proudly display the badge and slogan: Optimised for Series X.

But what exactly does that mean? And, how different will they be to the same games on Xbox One X? We explain all here.

Like with the Xbox One X, which had (and still has) games listed as “Enhanced for Xbox One X”, the Xbox Series X will have titles badged as Optimised for Series X. They even come with their own, snazzy logo (above). But what does that signify?

Well, it basically means that when a game runs on the all-singing and dancing Xbox Series X, it will offer enhanced graphical performance over the same game running on an Xbox One, maybe even some extra in-game extras.

That could mean developers raising the frame rate of the game, up to 120fps, or ensuring it plays in native 4K (rather than the cut back or dynamic UHD resolutions many Xbox One X titles offer).

They could even add further draw distances, ray-tracing, or any other graphical wizardry that only the Xbox Series X is capable of.

Any of these extra features could result in a game being tagged as Optimised for Xbox Series X.

Source: Pocketlint


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