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Rumor: AMD Navi 31 Features a Dual 80CU Chiplet Design

With up to 10,240 cores!

What?! Am I reading this right? A GPU with dual chiplets offering up to 80 Compute Units and a massive 10,240 cores! Will we see the return of ‘dual GPU’ graphics card?

Taken from Videocardz … We have heard rumors about the upcoming Navi 31 GPU for a while now. In fact, there have been rumors about Navi 41 already. The Navi 31 might be AMD’s first MCM (multi-chip module) design. NVIDIA is too expected to take the same route with its Hopper series, however, it remains unclear if the architecture is meant for gaming or compute workloads. On the other hand, AMD made it clear that RDNA3 has Radeon DNA and it is for sure aiming at the gaming market.

The successor to Instinct MI100 (no longer called Radeon) based on Arcturus GPU and CDNA architecture will compete with NVIDIA’s Gx100 compute chips. The CDNA is more than likely to take the same path with multi-chiplet design at some point in the future – it is simply easier to synchronize simple compute workloads across multiple dies rather than complex graphics. Even Intel’s Xe-HP architecture will be based on ’tiles’, which might be the industry’s first attempt at GPGPU chiplet design.

Bergman: “Let’s step back and talk about the benefits of both. So why did we target, pretty aggressively, performance per watt [improvements for] our RDNA 2 [GPUs]. And then yes, we have the same commitment on RDNA 3.”

“So [there are] actually a lot of efficiencies…if you can improve your perf-per-watt substantially. On the notebook side, that’s of course even more obvious, because you’re in a very constrained space, you can just bring more performance to that platform again without some exotic cooling solutions…We focused on that on RDNA 2. It’s a big focus on RDNA 3 as well.”

— AMD EVP, Rick Bergman, via The Street

Source: Videocardz


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