Sins of a Solar Empire II to Release on Steam this Summer

The battle for galactic supremacy continues as Stardock and Ironclad Games will bring Sins of a Solar Empire II to Steam this Summer. Sins of a Solar Empire II seamlessly combines real-time strategy and 4X depth, delivering sprawling empires, huge tactical fleet battles, and unforgettable gameplay moments that can only be found in Sins II. Interested players can add the game to their wishlists now.

In Sins of a Solar Empire II, players must guide their faction against the threat of extinction with three distinct races: the Trader Emergency Coalition, the Vasari Empire, or the Advent Unity. Each race has been updated with their own asymmetric playstyle including unique starting conditions, units, abilities, and game-changing Empire Systems.

Sins II will give players more tools than ever to form their own play styles as they battle, scheme, monopolize, and manipulate their way to victory. The sequel also introduces new emergent tactics and strategies that reward creative thinking. Players can protect vulnerable units by body-blocking missiles with their Titan, launch a surprise attack from a rogue asteroid when its orbit reaches the enemy’s back line, or guard themselves against a backstab with a time-locked alliance.

“With new ways to play, new tactical options, and new strategic elements, the time is right to bring Sins of a Solar Empire II to a new audience on Steam,” said Brian Clair, Director of Publishing at Stardock. “We’ve spent the past year bringing free monthly content updates to the game on the Epic Games Store, where it’s been positively reviewed by fans, and look forward to sharing all that work with Steam players while continuing to bring even more new content to the game.”

Sins of a Solar Empire II is packed with new features for players to explore, including:

  • The Advent Unity race returns for Sins of a Solar Empire II with two sub-factions that utilize new items, mechanics, and the unique “Unity” Empire System
  • Orbiting planets that dynamically alter the map during play, requiring players to gradually shift their strategies as new challenges and opportunities present themselves
  • Enhanced tactical battles and deeper combat simulation featuring tracking turrets and missiles that can be blocked by ships or shot down
  • Minor factions that provide unique capabilities to players that befriend them through a new influence system
  • New economy model that allows players to truly customize their worlds to fit production needs
  • Capital ships that can be equipped with special augmentations to be more effective in battle
  • New in-game mod browser allows for easy installation for mods and maps

For those who enjoy challenging themselves in online play, Sins of a Solar Empire II allows for up to 10-player multiplayer matches. Players can now seamlessly join or resume games, and an in-game mod workshop automatically keeps in sync with any enabled mod content.

Source: Stardock

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