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Xbox Series X Planned Launch is on Schedule

With so many things happening lately, especially with the ongoing health Crisis … you’ll be glad to know Xbox Series X launch is on still on schedule for this coming Holiday 2020.

Taken from Pocket-lintXbox boss Phil Spencer has revealed that the Xbox Series X is still on track for its “holiday 2020” release date, even though supply chains have clearly been affected by the current global crisis.

However, he can’t say the same for launch games – as they might have been harder hit.

Speaking to CNBC, Spencer said that production of the firm’s next-gen console has not been met with any significant delays.

“Teams are doing a really good job on keeping our hardware on track, I’d say the bigger unknown is probably the game production,” he explained.

Game development teams have clearly been impacted by the social distancing and lockdown measures in multiple countries. And that has already affected the release schedules of bigger, triple-A games. Many launch titles for Xbox Series X are in that category for sure.

“Game production is a large scale entertainment activity now. You have hundreds of people coming together building assets working for creative,” added the Xbox head.

Hopefully, most will remain on track though. We’re bound to find out more come Thursday, 7 May, when the gaming giant will host its Inside Xbox online presentation to show Xbox Series X gameplay footage for the first time.

Source: Pocket-lint


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