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AMD Ramps Up Custom SoC Production for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

There’s plenty of orders for AMD … all the way to the end of the year, producing consoles for this coming Holiday 2020.

Taken from Tomshardware … Both adults and kids around the world are expecting the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X to land this holiday season. AMD, for one, will be doing all that is within the its power to make sure that the two next-gen consoles stay on track.

AMD had a booming first quarter, having pulled in a revenue of $1.79 billion. Ryzen and Radeon products contributed up to 80.4% of AMD’s success while the company’s other enterprise, embedded and semi-custom offerings made up the difference. Now that both the Sony and Microsoft’s forthcoming consoles are once again using AMD SoCs, the chipmaker can expect improved semi-custom participation down the line.

AMD is the determinant on whether Sony and Microsoft can make the deadline. The chipmaker is providing the next-gen consoles with the best of what the company can currently offer. The devices will leverage AMD’s latest Zen 2-powered CPU, which will be accompanied by a matching Navi GPU. Independent of the exterior color, both consoles are repping the Red Team inside.

Source: Tomshardware


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