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DEATHLOOP Comes to Xbox Series X/S on September 20th

“DEATHLOOP” transports players to the lawless island of Blackreef in an eternal struggle between two extraordinary assassins. Explore stunning environments and meticulously designed levels in an immersive gameplay experience that lets you approach every situation any way you like. Hunt down targets all over the island in an effort to put an end to the cycle once and for all, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

On September 20, Xbox players will be able to jump into the colorful world and time-warped action of DEATHLOOP. DEATHLOOP will also be included in Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox All Access on console and PC on day one. Experience Arkane Lyon’s unique spin on the first-person shooter and lose yourself on Blackreef.

As Colt, you have one day to eliminate eight targets who are responsible for keeping the timeloop functioning. If you miss even one, the day will reset. But they’re scattered all over the island. How are you supposed to track them all down in just one cycle? In order to take out all of them before the day starts over, you’ll need to learn to manipulate the world around you, discovering your targets’ routines and schedules as you fight to solve the puzzle of the island. And the best part: You’re free to determine how to go about this. You can take every mission – main missions and side missions – at your own pace and in any order you choose as you assemble those puzzle pieces. Each day is an opportunity to learn and piece together the mystery.

Colt’s job isn’t easy. He’s trapped in a timeloop on Blackreef, surrounded by chaotic partygoers with itchy trigger fingers. At the top of the island’s food chain are either “Visionaries” responsible for keeping the timeloop going. If he can manage to take them all out in a single day, he can break the timeloop and finally escape. Eight targets, all spread out across an entire island, and just one day to kill them all. You better get to know all eight if you plan on getting the job done.

Source: Bethesda

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