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Sony Reportedly Making a PS5 with Removable Disc Drive Planned for Next Year

Sony are reportedly making a PS5 with a removable disc drive. The new PS5 model will replace the current models and will release around September next year. The revamped model won’t have any hardware upgrades apart from slight changes.

Taken from Insider Gaming…. “The PlayStation 5 is set to get a unique overhaul in the middle of FY 2023, with the new console launching around September 2023, say sources.

Sources familiar with Sony’s plans have shared details under the condition of anonymity outlining the next iteration of the PlayStation 5. It’s been suggested that this new console will completely replace the A, B, and C chassis that have been in production since the console’s launch.

The console, currently named the D chassis PlayStation 5, will have almost identical hardware to the existing consoles already on the market.

The most surprising new feature of the new this new PS5 though, is that the console will have a detachable disc drive. The detachable disc drive will be connected to the PlayStation 5 using an extra USB-C port on the back of the console.

It’s understood that this new PlayStation 5 console will be sold on its own, or, in a bundle with the detachable disc drive. It’s also understood that the disc drives can also be purchased separately, so, if it gets busted, there’s no need to buy an entirely new console.

Sources have implied that although the new detachable disc drive is portable, it will not ruin the aesthetics of the console and will attach to it without looking external, presumably meaning the new PlayStation 5 will look similar to the existing model.”

Source: Insider Gaming

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