Rogue-like Adventure Bootleg Steamer is Now Available on PC

Junkfish, a leading independent game development studio and the creators of Monstrum, is delighted to announce that their much-anticipated rogue-like adventure Bootleg Steamer is available to purchase on PC starting today via Steam.

Welcome to the North America of the roaring 20’s where opportunity and danger lurks in the water, setting the tone for a thrilling adventure you’re not likely to forget! Bootleg Steamer invites would be entrepreneurs to pick their captain, recruit their crews and voyage through treacherous seas as they embark on a quest to maximise profits, outfox the law, and keep the local mafia off their back.

In a time when liquor wasn’t legal, Bootleg Steamer is on hand to quench the thirst of the masses, but bootlegging is not for the faint of heart; if you want to profit from prohibition, you’ll need to manage your scarce resources as you navigate 50 unique maps across America and determine the best strategy to keep yourself out of trouble and make a tidy profit. Upgrade your ships, play nice with mob and make a dime from your life of crime in this highly addictive game of nautical cat and mouse!

What to Expect in Bootleg Steamer:
  • Supply and Demand: Buy cheap alcohol from underground brewers and upsell it to thirsty locals at lucrative premiums. Each city and town will have its own demands, so navigate your strategy carefully to maximise your profits.
  • Customise your Ship, Choose your Crew, and Develop your Strategy: Master your bootlegging saga as you choose and upgrade ships, recruit skilled crew members, and develop a cunning strategy to outwit both the Coast Guard and the Mafia.
  • Play as 1 of 6 Unique Captains and explore over 50 different maps: Choose your captain with care! Six captains are ready to set sail, each with their own skills and personalities.
  • Mafia Favours and Contracts: Make them an offer they can’t refuse! Use the influence of the mob to navigate the perilous waters of the prohibition. Engage in high-stakes dealings and avoid invoking their wrath – but remember, they always collect on their debt with interest…
  • Invitations and Sea Parties: With your contraband on hand, cross paths with locals, support cities and build connections with your thirsty customers to turn prohibition to your advantage.



Michael Macleod, Lead Designer at Junkfish and Creative Lead for Bootleg Steamer said, “Since we announced Bootleg Steamer, we’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm gamers have shown towards our take on 1920’s smuggling. It’s clear that would be bootleggers are thirsty for more, so we’re delighted that the game is now available for purchase. Our talented team have put their heart and soul into Bootleg Steamer, a game which is easy to learn but hard to master, putting the Pro into prohibition!”

For more information, visit the steam page.


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