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120Hz Now Available on Overwatch for Xbox Series X and S

If your TV supports 120Hz and you own a Xbox Series X or S … you’ll be glad to know Overwatch now supports 120Hz.

Taken from Engadget … Overwatch just received an important visual upgrade if you’re an Xbox Series X or S owner. Blizzard has released a patch that, among the usual fixes and tweaks, optimizes the graphics for Microsoft’s latest consoles. You now have a “Preferred Mode” option that lets you prioritize resolution, frame rate, or a balance between the two — and the improvements could be substantial regardless of the system you own.

The “Resolution” mode focuses on sharpness at the potential expense of image quality, topping out at 4K and 60Hz on the Xbox Series X and 1440p (also 60Hz) on the Series S. “Balanced,” as the name implies, prefers image quality while maintaining a strong resolution, hitting 1440p at 60Hz on the Series X and 1080p at that speed on the Series S. “Framerate,” meanwhile, pushes the game to a highly responsive 120Hz while sacrificing both image fidelity and resolution (1440p on Series X, 1080p on Series S). You’ll need a TV with 120Hz or variable refresh rate support to benefit from that last mode, of course.

Source: Engadget


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