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Resident Evil: Village is Coming to PS5 in 2021

It’s coming … and it looks amazing!  Resident Evil fans will love this … oh I can’t wait!

Taken from PS Blog … Announced earlier today as part of the Future of Gaming digital event, I’m incredibly excited to tell you that Resident Evil Village is coming to PlayStation 5 in 2021, setting a new standard for survival horror as the eighth main entry in the storied Resident Evil franchise.

Fear is one of our greatest motivations. The traditional themes of fight or flight (and, occasionally, to freeze) when faced with danger are natural to people even as we press on into the unknown, and most of us aren’t a stranger to the looming sense of anxiety that rises from a disturbing sound or a gloomy corner.

Both the great unknown, as well as our need to explore – and be fearful of or fight for survival against what we find – is innately human. It’s what drove our ancestors to create the myths and legends we hear about to this day… perhaps because what’s really out there is significantly more terrifying and deadly than any fable.

To that end, the team behind Resident Evil Village is using its expertise with Capcom’s in-house RE Engine to bring a truly next-generation survival-horror experience to PS5. You may have caught a few bits and pieces of how the engine is being used in the enigmatic trailer that was shown during The Future of Gaming, providing ultra-realistic environments and characters that inhabit a strange, snow-capped village. We’ll let you all pick apart the trailer and speculate on the finer details of what it all means, particularly the return of a Resident Evil mainstay, but rest assured you’ll be getting a next-gen experience that only Capcom can create.

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