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Logitech G Unveils the PRO X 60 Gaming Keyboard Featuring Keycontrol Technology

Today, Logitech G, a brand of Logitech and leading innovator of gaming technologies and gear, announced the Logitech G PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Keyboard, a compact, professional-grade keyboard that liberates valuable space to meet the evolving needs of pro-gamers.

Pro esports athletes demand the absolute best equipment to improve their competitive play. The 60 percent keyboard form factor has become increasingly popular among pros because it leaves more space for the dynamic mouse movements required for pro-level FPS competition. A 60 percent keyboard is easier to position perfectly for maximum performance, easily fitting into their competition space, and it’s also easier for players to carry to and from tournaments.

“The PRO X 60 is the perfect fit for players who need a keyboard that can adapt to any setup and condition. It’s also super easy to carry around when traveling. I love it.” said Michaela ‘mimi’ Lintrup, G2 Esports, Valorant.

While smaller format keyboards are great for competitive play, they can lack critical keys that some pro players need. To solve this, the PRO X 60 introduces an innovative new technology, KEYCONTROL, to provide gamers with customization capabilities far beyond what a standard keyboard delivers.

“We have years of experience designing and building keyboards and switches for and with pro gamers,’ stated Brent Barry, Head of Esports and PRO Series at Logitech G. “Through our unique collaboration with players, we gathered important insights that played a key role in our design of the PRO X 60 and highlighted the need for KEYCONTROL. This new capability has everything a Pro player could want: a compact, portable form factor, combined with advanced new technologies all designed to give them the equipment and performance they need to win.”

KEYCONTROL was developed to broaden the keyboard’s capabilities beyond that of a standard full-sized keyboard. A user-friendly tool enabled in GHUB, KEYCONTROL grants players significantly more customization options by allowing them to assign up to 15 functions per key and tailor their keyboard to their unique style. When combined with G-SHIFT, an advanced feature that players can assign to almost any button (like a mouse side button to an action), players can activate the new layer of keys and get quick access to any key or command directly under their left hand and WASD keys, or any other programmable key on the keyboard. This means the missing critical keys are right where you need them, ensuring lightning-fast access to essential commands and propelling gamers to victory.

“I love the original PRO keyboard, but now that my game has evolved, I wanted something smaller to allow for more space on my desktop for my mouse without losing all the key functions,” said Emma “Emy” Choe, FlyQuest RED, CounterStrike 2, “Now that I have the PRO X 60 with KEYCONTROL, I have more room for flick shots, all while being able to tailor my layout so I don’t miss any keys. I can’t wait to use this in competition.”

The PRO X 60 also features the trusted performance and reliability of Logitech G’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology. LIGHTSPEED wireless was designed to be as fast as wired but also extremely robust, even in the most difficult environments.

When a pro player competes at a tournament, thousands of people often surround them with RF-generating devices such as mobile phones, production cameras, and various networks. Logitech tests LIGHTSPEED in a cutting-edge anechoic chamber that generates equivalent radio frequency interference to ensure our LIGHTSPEED wireless protocol functions flawlessly. Pro players can trust that their clicks and swipes will be registered precisely, enabling them to perform at their best.

“It’s super important to have a reliable and fast connection when you’re competing because you want to have the least amount of input lag possible when you’re in a competitive scenario. Having a really fast wireless connection can be the difference between winning and losing at the highest level,” said Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst, TSM, Apex Legends.

The PRO X 60 is available with GX Optical switches in both tactile and linear configurations, offering faster actuation than standard mechanical switches for faster gameplay. Unlike mechanical switches, GX Optical actuates through the power of light, instantly sending your command, eliminating the debounce required by mechanical switches. With precision and speed, the signal is unleashed the moment you engage. The switches are also factory-lubricated and designed to provide a satisfying gaming and typing experience.

Additional features in the PRO X 60 keyboard include:

  • Dual-shot PBT keycaps
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting
  • Game mode switch
  • Volume roller and media controls
  • Bluetooth
  • 2:1 LIGHTSPEED Adapter
  • Semi-hard carrying case

Pricing and Availability
Available in Black, White, and Pink, the PRO X 60 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard is available for pre-order now at for $179 US and €229. It will be available from major participating retailers in late April. For more information, please visit

Source: Logitech G

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