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PUBG Cross Party Play Now Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Party like never before! Players on Console will now be able to invite each other into a single party with the new Cross Party Play feature!

Friends list has received a makeover:

  • Players can now search players from both the same and different platform to add friends
  • Players now can find 4 tabs on the friends list.
    • Platform: This shows your existing friends list for your current platform. Players you add to your platform specific friends list using their Xbox Live Gamer Tag (Xbox) or PSN Name (PS4) will show here.

    • PUBG: This is the new friends list which will help you organise your friends across platforms using Cross Platform Parties! Players can add friends by selecting “follow” when looking at another player’s profile.

    • Recent: This shows players you’ve met as a team in recent matches.

    • Team: Shows your current teammates

Players from both console platforms will now be able to join the same custom match created.

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