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Fortnite is back on iPhones via Epic and Nvidia GeForce Now

GeForce Now – Nvidia’s cloud gaming service will allow users to play Fortnite on their Apple devices. Is this what you would call a work around?

Taken from BBC … Nvidia has confirmed Fortnite is coming back to iPhones through its cloud gaming service, despite Apple having thrown the game off its App Store.

The company’s GeForce Now service is now available through the Safari web browser – bypassing the store entirely.

Apple has banned Fortnite from its services amid a continuing legal battle with the game’s owner, Epic Games.

Nvidia said a touch-enabled Fortnite was “coming soon” to the mobile browser. Plans for what is, in effect, a workaround were first reported by the BBC in early November.

GeForce Now usually streams PC games over the internet without having to install them, offering games on-the-go via use of a keyboard, mouse and/or controller if there is a good enough internet connection.

The addition of touch controls means the version of Fortnite streamed to iOS will not be the same as the one that usually runs on PCs. Nvidia said that change “will delay availability of the game”.

Source: BBC


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