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Farming Simulator 22 Patched with AMD FSR 3 + Frame Generation Support

Farming Simulator 22 now supports AMD FSR 3 on PC, so you can enjoy even smoother farming. Download game update, and activate FSR plus Frame Generation to boost your frame rate on supported graphics cards! Wait, what’s FSR? AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (in short: AMD FSR) uses upscaling technologies that aim to increase the frame rate. In simplified terms, it first renders Farming Simulator 22 at a lower resolution, but then upscales it using a variety of (very smart & efficient) techniques. Without sacrificing image quality, you can significantly increase the performance of Farming Simulator 22, especially when demanding settings are enabled. Try it!

What’s new in FSR 3?
AMD FSR 3 improves upon FSR 2’s upscaling and adds Frame Generation. This feature can be activated separately in the graphics settings of Farming Simulator 22. It generates additional frames to increase the frame rate. Imagine one new frame being inserted in between two existing frames. In some, ideal situations, depending on your hardware and individual settings, FSR 3 with activated Frame Generation can straight up double your displayed FPS to guarantee some extra-smooth farming! Please note: AMD FSR 3 Frame Generation is recommended to be used with a minimum of 60 FPS before FG-activation!

Does that work with my graphics card?
FSR is open-source, based on industry standards, and doesn’t require a specialized graphics card. It doesn’t even need to be an AMD card! So, it can work on newer as well as older GPUs to improve your virtual farming experience. Check for supported GPUs on the AMD page.

FSR works only in supported games, and Farming Simulator 22 is one of them. More than that, it is one of the first games to have supported the initial implementation as well as the updated FSR 3 that introduces frame generation.

Need more details?
Find some general information about FSR 3 on the official info AMD website. If you want to go further and deep-dive into the technical background of AMD FSR 3 and Frame Generation, you also can find more details on



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