ESL FACEIT Group, Intel and Acer Expand Strategic Partnership Across Premier Counter-Strike and Dota 2 Competitions

ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), the leading esports and video game entertainment company, and Intel, have today announced the extension and expansion of their partnership with Acer. As the exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner, Acer’s gaming brand Predator will empower EFG Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2 competitions across 2024.

Intel® and EFG have been partners in the esports space for over 20 years, fostering and supporting a passionate global community through world-leading esports events, activations and opportunities. Their vision is shared by Acer, and the mutual desire for progress, innovation, and delivering exceptional experiences has been the catalyst in the success, and now renewal, of their partnership.

The partnership sees Acer Predator become the exclusive OEM Partner for more EFG competitions across Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2 than ever before, including:

  • The Intel® Extreme Masters (IEM) 2024 events in Chengdu, China; Dallas, United States; and Cologne, Germany; as well as IEM Fall.
  • ESL Pro League Season 19 and Season 20.
  • The ESL Challenger competitions taking place in Jönköping, Sweden; Atlanta, United States; Katowice, Poland; and one of which the location is yet to be announced.
  • The online DreamLeague Season 21, Season 22 and Season 23.
  • The ESL One competitions in 2024, including ESL One Birmingham and ESL One Asia.

Acer and EFG will continue showcasing the latest Intel® powered gaming technology across online and offline events, including the Predator Helios 16, Predator Helios 18, Predator Helios Neo series laptops, and Predator Orion series desktops.

Through the alliance, Acer Predator will continue to be integrated across broadcasts, with brand exposure on livestreams and onsite at events, and will offer fans exclusive opportunities such as its distinct booth where they can get hands-on with the next generation of gaming.

Acer has consistently shown their commitment towards elevating the esports scene and delivering outstanding experiences for fans all over the world, and we’re excited to be renewing and expanding our partnership for another year,” said Bastian Veiser, Director Partner Management at EFG. “The partnership has already brought immense value to EFG products and their respective communities, and we look forward to continuing to innovate with Intel and Acer in 2024.”
Acer’s Predator desktop and laptop systems continue to showcase the incredible gaming performance that’s possible with Intel Core processors, and we’re thrilled to continue partnering with Acer and EFG for 2024,” said Roger Chandler, Vice President and General Manager, Enthusiast PC and Workstation Segment at Intel®. “No matter who emerges on top of this year’s competitions, when you combine the power of Intel Core 14th Gen processors with Acer’s Predator systems and EFG’s esports events, gamers and creators around the world win.
“Acer’s partnership with Intel and EFG is driven by our shared commitment of supporting the esports community, bringing gameplay to new heights,” said Vincent Lin, Associate Vice President, Global Product Marketing and Planning, Acer Inc. “Our latest Predator gaming laptops powered by Intel Core 14th Gen processors provide powerful performance and combine AI-powered features that enhance the overall gaming experience.”

For more information about upcoming Counter-Strike 2 competitions, check out the IEMESL Pro League and ESL Challenger websites, and follow ESL CS on XInstagram, and Facebook.

For additional information about upcoming Dota 2 competitions, head over to the DreamLeague and ESL One websites, and follow ESL Dota 2 on XInstagram, and Facebook.

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