Diablo (1997) Added to Store

Beneath the cathedral of Tristram, past the catacombs and deep caves, a Prime Evil grows in strength. Terror grips the townsfolk. They pray for someone to descend into the darkness, avenge their fallen friends, save Tristram, and destroy their demonic malefactor. Will you answer the call? Return to 1997’s Diablo, the title that launched one of gaming’s most enduring action-RPG franchises. Warriors, Rogues, and Sorcerers can now grab the game from the Shop and stand against darkness once again in this genre classic.

Experience the legendary action-RPG that defined a genre
1997’s Diablo set the stage for a new type of game that combined fast-paced action, deep character customization, intense multiplayer combat, and dark gothic fantasy in one bone-chilling package. Choose your destiny—storm Diablo’s halls as either a Warrior, a Sorcerer or a Rogue, each with unique skills and abilities. Unite to destroy Diablo—join forces with up to 3 other players, delve into the hellbound depths beneath Tristram, and face the Prime Evil together.

This release includes:
16 levels of old-school dungeon delving: Slaughter your way from the Tristram cathedral all the way to Hell itself across 16 increasingly challenging levels. Each playthrough features a brand-new, randomly generated dungeon layout that offers a fresh challenge every time you descend into the dark below.
Three iconic character Classes: Whether you prefer to crush skulls as a Warrior, nail monsters from afar as a Rogue, or bend arcane powers to your will as a Sorcerer, Diablo has a Class that suits your style.
Multiplayer demon slaying: Nothing beats battling beasts and demons with friends. Join forces with up to three other players and drive the demons screaming back to Hell together.
So, so much loot: It wouldn’t be a Diablo game without tons and tons of randomly rolled loot. Liberate powerful weapons and armor from your defeated enemies, and upgrade your character’s arsenal.

Check out the full manual for Diablo here. Grab your sword, string your bow, and ready your spellbook; Tristram awaits. A “Quickstart Gameplay Overview” is available to read here.

Sources: Blizzard NewsDiablo (GoG image source)

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