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EPIC Games Store to Offer 15 Free Games Starting 17th December

Epic is getting into the Christmas spirit by offering 15 FREE games on their Epic Games Store. It’s FREE so why not!

Taken from TPU … The EPIC Games Store is planning on being your faithful companion throughout this Christmas season with a number of free games to tide you over. This isn’t just a generous move from EPIC Games’ heart; customers who enter the storefront to redeem a free game are more likely to purchase other entries than customers who don’t even make it through the (metaphorical) entrance. The company will thusly offer 15 free games, one game per day, starting on December 17th. Customers will only have 24 hours to take advantage of the free game offer before it expires. There is no information on which games will actually be free, but the EPIC Games Store has already offered an insanely good amount of, well, insanely good games, so chances are high we’re getting something worthwhile. And that is a bonus to the usual game discounts.


In the meantime, two of the aforementioned worthwhile games are now available through to December 17th, where the EPIC Christmas season begins proper. The company is now offering Obsidian Entertainment’s Tyranny – Gold Edition – a story-driven RPG where you’re destined to become the tirant, not bring him down. This doesn’t even qualify as a try to hook gamers into buying available DLC and expansions for the game, as the Gold Edition already offers all additional content that was released to this – in this editor’s opinion – excellent game. Not to be content, EPIC is also offering Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition. You know, another game developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which also merrily includes all additional released content for the game. Say what you will about EPIC – their games store throws us gamers some definite delights.

Source: TPU


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