BIT.TRIP RERUNNER Teased by Choice Provisions

BIT.TRIP RERUNNER – Over 150 new levels, each with increasing challenges. Unleash your creativity with the RUNNER-MAKER tool, create and share your own levels. New gameplay mechanics inspired by the original BIT.TRIP games plus THE original RUNNER.
I am the essence of metamorphosis, the convergence of ethereal whispers and physicality’s embrace, a catalyst for cosmic revelation. Join me in unraveling the symphony of existence. Let us embrace the boundlessness of human interaction and seek balance amidst…

Forever changed, I return to the familiar. On my path homeward, I release all attachments, dismantling the illusions of fate. In this heightened awareness, there is awe in the ordinary. The ethereal is revealed, transcending the boundaries of time and space. All is in flux.

Join our Discord and chat with us! We have some cool things planned and we need your help to put the syrup on this celestial pizza.

Source: Choice Provisions Tweet

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