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AMD Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” Launching on 15th Septemeber

Mark your calendar guys … September 15th is the date of the launch. Start saving and get your credit cards ready to place the order when it becomes available 😛

Taken from TPU … 15th September, 2022, is when AMD will debut its Ryzen 7000 “Zen 4” desktop processors. The launch strategy of these chips looks similar to that of the Ryzen 5000 series. The company is preparing a lean launch lineup with just four SKUs—the Ryzen 9 7950X, the Ryzen 9 7900X, Ryzen 7 7800X, and the Ryzen 5 7600X. These SKUs succeed the 5950X, 5900X, 5800X, and 5600X, which made up the previous launch lineup. AMD in its recent interview with us, made it clear that 16-core/32-thread is the maximum core-count for the 7000 series, which would make the 7950X such a chip. The core-counts of the other SKUs are not known. All these models are built in the Socket AM5 package, featuring PCI-Express Gen 5 and DDR5 interfaces. But wait, there’s more.

Although AMD led us to believe that it’s going all-in with DDR5, we’re hearing a spectacular rumor that suggests otherwise. Apparently, the company is designing Socket AM4 processors with “Zen 4” chiplets, possibly paired with the existing cIOD that supports PCI-Express Gen 4 and DDR4 interfaces. The rumor surfaced among sources lower down the supply-chain (resellers). It seems like AMD isn’t convinced it could target the lower-end of the market with AM5 just yet, and isn’t 100% confident that affordable DDR5 memory will come through in time. The “Zen 4” + AM4 processors would compete with Intel 600-series chipset motherboards that have DDR4 and PCIe Gen 4 connectivity. Trouble is, you can upgrade your Intel LGA1700 motherboard to one that has DDR5+PCIe Gen5 while keeping your processor; but you can’t do so with an AM4 Zen 4 processor (you’re stuck on AM4). AMD still gets to sell some processors, and those with AM4 platforms can rejoice.

Source: TPU, Greymon55 (Twitter)HotHardware


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