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AMD Ryzen 7000 4nm Zen4 “Phoenix Point” Mobile Processor Spotted

It’s rumored to have 8 cores / 16 threads.

Taken from VideoCardz … Following last week’s reveal mobile Phoenix and Strix Point series for next-gen Ryzen mobile CPUs, the first 7000 series SKU might have just been spotted over at MilkyWay@Home website.

The engineering sample carries an OPN code of 100-000000709-23_N, a code which has not been seen before. The Family and Model information appears to match the A70F00 code associated with the AMD Phoenix mobile CPU series. This Extended Family/Model information was confirmed last year by Patrick Schur as Phoenix processor based on FP8 mobile socket:

Thus far we have learned about three Zen4 OPN codes, but this is the first sighting of ‘709’ engineering sample. The MilkyWay website lists ‘Number of processors’ as 16, which in this case means threads. Therefore, this CPU is 8-core and 16-thread configuration, most likely the highest configuration for Phoenix Point series.

Source: VideoCardz


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