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Sony PlayStation 5 SoC Die Pictured

If any of you guys like look at the silicon dies and chips close-up, here’s your chance … these pictures show the Sony PlayStation 5 SoC Die (with liquid metal) … interesting.

Taken from Videocardz … The Sony PS5 SoC codenamed known as Oberon or Ariel is based on AMD technology (Flute is AMD codename). It features both AMD Zen2 core architecture as well as RDNA2 GPU. The 8-cores Zen2 cores are clocked up to 3.5 GHz, while 36 RDNA2 Compute Units can reach a clock speed up to 2.23 GHz.

Sony announced that its PS5 chip will feature liquid metal instead of traditional thermal paste. This would ensure a longer lifespan and increase heat exchange between the chip and the cooler. However, at the same time, it increases the production complexity and forces Sony to use custom packing solutions to ensure no liquid metal spill would occur.

The die was pictured using a special microscope using short wave infrared light (SWIR). This technology allows the photographer to look under the hood and see the internals of the SoC without typical detaching and grinding techniques, which would also destroy the chip in the process.

Sony PS5 chip has 8 cores located on the left side, while 36 Compute Units are packed together in a middle. The die picture confirms that the chip features eight 32-bit memory interfaces for GDDR6 memory.

Source: Videocardz, @FritzchensFritz


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