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Sony Patents New PlayStation Controller

Taken from Polygon … On Dec. 26, Sony was approved for a patent on a new type of PlayStation controller. The patent is on the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database, but it isn’t quite clear what Sony intends to do with the controller.

The design itself is similar to the familiar DualShock 4 design that most players are used to with the PlayStation 4. The new controller has the same layout for its face buttons, directional pad, and analog sticks. The only real departure on the front of the controller is that there’s no PlayStation button visible on the patent design.

The back of the controller is where things get a little more interesting. The patent contains potential designs for the new controller — though they aren’t final — that include two new buttons. The new buttons appear to be programmable to perform the functions of other buttons on the controller, so you could have them do the same thing as the circle or square buttons if you wanted.

the new design looks pretty much like the current DualShock 4 controllers, except it doesn’t have a PS button and there are two additional buttons on its backside.

Source: Polygon


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