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New PS5 Game Screenshots Looks Absolutely Stunning

Screenshots are nice to look at, but it doesn’t reflex how they really play. We will have to wait and see come mid-November.

Taken from Tomsguide … A glut of screenshots for upcoming PS5 games has been posted online and tease how good next-generation games will look.

Flagged by our colleagues over at GamesRadar, the screenshots range from the realistic Gran Turismo 7 to the cartoony Astro’s Playroom. They give a snapshot of the scope and range of games Sony’s next-generation console will come with.

Particular highlights were a collection of screenshots for Horizon Forbidden West, Returnal, and Resident Evil 8.

Horizon Forbidden West looks utterly stunning. Its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn looked fantastic on the PS4 but the sequel has an impressive visual upgrade, teasing a world awash with detail and fancy graphical effects.

Source: Tomsguide

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