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AMD RDNA2 Big Navi to Challenge Nvidia’s Ampere RTX 3000 GPUs

With Intel’s ongoing production issues, as well as being backed up by TSMC … AMD will be taking the battle to Nvidia.

Taken from Notebookcheck … Fresh reports suggest that Nvidia will only launch 8 nm GPUs this year, with a possible 7 nm “Super” refresh scheduled for 1H 2021. This could allow AMD to steal the GPU performance crown with 7 nm Big Navi GPUs this year and jump to 5 nm next year.

Youtuber Moore’s Law Is Dead has recently updated his previous Ampere vs RDNA2 rumor roundup. The latest information comes from unnamed AMD and Nvidia insiders, and the youtuber is confident about the accuracy, but we still recommend a grain of salt here and there. Long story short, it looks like AMD could snag the gaming GPU performance crown from Nvidia this year.

Moore’s Law is Dead is reporting that Nvidia’s arrogance in forcing TSMC’s hand is going to cost them the performance crown this year. Apparently, TSMC was not able to meet Nvidia’s production demands and so Nvidia needed to tap Samsung’s 8 nm nodes for most of its gaming GPUs launching this year. Now, Samsung’s 8 nm nodes are mostly improved 10 nm nodes so they are not actually 1 nm behind TSMC, which clearly gives AMD’s RDNA2 GPUs manufactured on the 7 nm EUV process at TSMC the superior position. Therefore, more and more Nvidia insiders are concerned about AMD’s ‘Big Navi” GPUs.

Source: Notebookcheck


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