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God of War Ragnarok Reviews are Overwhelmingly Positive

Ahead of its launch next week on PS4 and PS5, reviews of God of War Ragnarok have dropped and they are overwhelmingly positive. The game is the sequel to God of War released in 2018 which follows the story of Kratos and his son Atreus as they traverse the nine realms to try and prevent Ragnarok. You can see all the reviews I can find below…

IGN – 10/10

The Verge – “When I look at this game and compare it to its predecessor, God of War, Ragnarök feels like what God of War was supposed to be.”

Forbes – 9.5/10

Polygon – “There is nothing life-changing about the way Ragnarök wraps up, but it delivers the same pleasant satisfaction that I get from finishing a Marvel movie that lets me run on autopilot.”

The Guardian – 4/5

Gamespot – 9/10

Evening Standard – 4/5

NME – 4/5

Gamesradar – 4.5/5

Eurogamer – “Much like its heroes, God of War: Ragnarök learns to love itself for what it truly is: gargantuan, excessive, and wonderfully absurd.”

VG247 – 5/5

Game Informer – 9.5/10

Push Square – 10/10

Kotaku – “It’s a visually impressive and exciting adventure that, at least on PS5, runs at 120fps and is filled with gore, action, and intense moments of destruction.”

CNET – “Revisiting the Nordic realms in God of War: Ragnarok is sensational — even if it’s not as memorable as the first trip.”

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