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Xbox Series X has a Killer Feature

A new storage system on the Xbox Series X will keep games as small as possible. There’s also a new codec for compressing texture data, thus further reducing load times and improve user experience.

Taken from Tomsguide … Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will aim to keep game file sizes as small as possible so users can get the most out of its storage, and is another shot across the bow of Sony’s PS5.

In an interview with Gamespot, Jason Ronald, Xbox director of program management, spoke about the ways in which Microsoft’s new console will aim to use its internal SSD as efficiently as possible. Specifically, the Series X will use compression technology.

A lot of modern games now top 100 GB in size, which can rapidly consume hard drive space; even the terabyte drive of the Xbox One X can be filled up pretty quickly if one downloads a suite of triple-A games. So a way to reduce the size of games could be welcome news for people looking at getting a next-generation Xbox.

Source: Tomsguide


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