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The Price of Xbox Series X Expected to be Around USD $500-600

You can expect the Xbox Series X to cost somewhere between USD $500-600 this fall. Is that a good price? Well, it’s cheaper than Nvidia’s up-coming GeForce RTX 3000 series for the PC that’s for sure!

Taken from Forbes … We are allegedly, finally about to get our questions answered about the PS5 and Xbox Series X this month, namely when they come out and how much they cost. But for one console in particular, there’s a question that it needs to answer besides those two.

Why exactly should people buy an Xbox Series X, or Series S, if that does indeed debut alongside it?

Microsoft’s Xbox philosophy has evolved to the point where the actual Xbox itself seems almost irrelevant. This is not “console war shade,” it’s just a fact about how Microsoft is positioning themselves in the market, and there are a number of past, present and future factors that all add up to “why should anyone spend $500-600 for a new Xbox this fall?” that I don’t think is easy to answer.

Source: Forbes


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