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GameSir introduces the X2 Pro Xbox Licensed Mobile Gaming Controllers

Designed for Xbox cloud gaming on Android smartphones.

GameSir, a leading provider of innovative, high quality gaming peripherals is pleased to announce the launch of the new X2 Pro model of the incredibly popular GameSir X2 mobile gaming controller which is fully compatible with Android 8.0 or above smartphones. Officially licensed by Xbox for Android phones, the X2 Pro mobile gaming controller allows users to enjoy 100+ Xbox games from their cloud service whilst on the go. The GameSir X2 Pro is available on the GameSir website for $79.99/£79.99/€89.99 with 1 month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new members. Amazon and Amazon UK is expected to stock on Sept 1.

The X2 Pro is a clamp-style mobile controller with ergonomic button design and textured grips—secure and comfortable to hold. The LB/RB buttons are Kailh micro switches for faster actuation, with 0.6 mm actuation distance and the LT/RT Hall Effect analog triggers for better precision, accurate to 0.1 mm. The simple design will expand to securely hold Android phones measuring from 110-179 mm in length.

The X2 Pro supports nearly all popular streaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Xbox Remote Play, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, meaning it is now possible for gamers to enjoy PC & Console games anytime and anywhere. Built for a direct Type-C connection to the phone, X2 Pro allows you to simply plug the phone in and jump right in to any controller-supported games from Diablo Immortal to Fortnite, with almost no input latency. It is now also possible to charge the smartphone whilst using the controller thanks to the pass-through charging for an unstoppable gaming experience.

Designed for console-level gaming experience, X2 Pro also comes with 2 additional, mappable buttons on the back so you can map your in-game valuable actions on the fly, even in the middle of the game. Program and use instantly, no need for software.

There are some ways to customize GameSir X2 Pro as well. Thanks to the magnetic and detachable ABXY buttons, gamers can easily swap the ABXY layout between the standard Xbox-style and Switch one for their own playstyle, with just a simple pull. (Need to also select relevant layout in GameSir App.) The included 2 sets of joystick caps—concave & convex—also provides total customization & comfort in different games.

Lastly, X2 Pro comes with the updated and refreshed GameSir App. This not only allows gamers to discover the latest and popular games from multiple platforms as Xbox Game Pass, Google Play, Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now on smartphones, but also to adjust controller settings on the fly.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-playable and Remote-playable PC & Console games
  • Controller-supported Android games compatible
  • Hall Effect analog triggers (accurate to 0.1 mm)
  • ALPS analog joysticks
  • Kailh Microswitch bumpers: tactile feedback with a reduced actuation distance of 0.6 mm only, around 40% less than the normal membrane controller.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones or TWS earbuds
  • Direct Type-C connection, Negligible input latency
  • 2 Sets of Joystick Caps
  • 2 ABXY Layouts
  • Package contents: GameSir-X2 Pro-Xbox, Carry Case, Concave Thumbstick Caps, Convex Thumbstick Caps, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Card, User Manual, Thank You & After-sale Service Card, GameSir Sticker, Certification

Tech Specs:

  • Working Platform: Android 8.0 or above
  • Connection: Built-in wired Type-C to your phone
  • Compatible Phone Size: 110-179 mm in length
  • Colorways: 2, Midnight & Moonlight
  • Microswitch Bumpers: Yes, Kailh Micro Switches
  • Analog Triggers: Yes, Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors
  • Analog Joysticks: Yes, ALPS
  • Mappble Back Buttons: Yes, 2
  • Pass-through Charging: Yes (With limited compatibility, see details in Product Page)


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