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Buy Xbox One X plus a game for Only $299

Now if this isn’t a great deal … then I don’t know what is!

Taken from CNet … Before I was unable to leave my home except to pick up groceries and toilet paper, I didn’t have time to play a lot of games. These days, though, my keyboard’s WASD keys are starting to be polished bare from my fingertips, and I’m looking longingly at Xbox One ads. Yesterday I told you about a great deal on a refurbished Xbox One X for $260, but today I might be able to do a little better. Microsoft is running a sale on the Xbox One X, offering a half-dozen bundles with a variety of games. Right now you can get a brand-new Xbox One X 1TB with your choice of game (as long as it’s in the list below) for $299. That’s the same price that Microsoft is currently selling the Xbox One S-and-game bundle for!

Here are your choices:

So that’s two completely different deals you can take advantage of, depending on your preferences. You can get a refurbished Xbox One X for $260 or spend an extra $40 for a brand-new console with a top-tier game. If you’re console shopping, having to choose between these two options is a good problem to have.

Source: CNet


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