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Thrustmaster Introduces its SimTask Steering Kit – Designed for Heavy Vehicle Sims

During the Gamescom fair, Thrustmaster was pleased to unveil its unique new racing wheel mounting system, including a rotary spinner knob – a perfect complement for all heavy vehicle driving simulators. The SimTask Steering Kit allows gamers to set up their racing wheel in a flat-mounted position, delivering an immersive experience when driving farm machinery or heavy vehicles. The mount allows users to customize the steering wheel’s angle and height, offering a number of diverse driving configurations similar to real life.

In addition, the rotary spinner knob provides a major agility boost, enabling gamers to operate the steering wheel with one hand. The SimTask Steering Kit is compatible with Thrustmaster T128 and T248 racing wheels. SimTask is Thrustmaster’s new range of products, specially designed to deliver an enhanced experience of driving simulation with heavy vehicles and farm machinery.

Designed for heavy vehicle driving simulations
The SimTask Steering Kit is the ideal racing wheel mount for heavy vehicle driving simulations, enabling gamers to position their steering wheel flat. This position recreates the controls of farm machinery and heavy vehicles as they are in real life.

Groundbreaking versatility
Offering remarkable freedom of adjustment, the versatile SimTask Steering Kit can be used for a wide range of applications. The three adjustable axes allow users to select the steering wheel’s angle (from 15° to 85°) and height (+/- 30 mm), in order to achieve the ideal driving position. Gamers can enjoy an immersive driving experience, whether at the controls of a combine harvester on a farm, maneuvering a heavy goods vehicle to ensure an important delivery or at the wheel of a sports car in the midst of a heated race. Switching from one configuration to another requires neither tools nor disassembly, ensuring a swift and easy changeover.

Rotary spinner knob
The SimTask Steering Kit includes a wheel-mounted rotary spinner knob, delivering exceptional agility, which can easily be attached to the steering wheel, without tools. It enables users to hone their one-handed driving skills, while simultaneously operating an equipment’s controls or a heavy vehicle’s gearshift.

Sturdy metal structure
The SimTask Steering Kit’s 100% metal structure is made from 2 mm thick sheet metal, ensuring robustness and the faithful restitution of genuine driving sensations, while also guaranteeing the mount’s functional lifespan. The rotary spinner knob features a steel axle, ensuring stiffness and an extended service life.
Can easily be mounted to a desktop or table
The SimTask Steering Kit is equipped with a clamp attachment system, suited to desks or tables ranging from 15 mm to 50 mm in thickness. Assembly and disassembly are swift and require no tools.
Compatible with T128 and T248 racing wheels
The SimTask Steering Kit is compatible with Thrustmaster T128 and T248 racing wheels. It perfectly complements the simracing experience, offering comprehensive versatility in all situations, whether users are speeding around racing tracks or harvesting crop fields.

Commercial information
The SimTask Steering Kit is available at a suggested retail price of £69.99 / €79.99 € / $79.99 for worldwide release. Pre-orders start October 2023. Commercially availability starts November 2023.

Source: Thrustmaster News

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