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AMD Ryzen 5000U “Cezanne/Lucienne” Specifications Leaked

More interesting news … It seems AMD is wasting no time planning their next mobile processor (and/or APUs). Could their Ryzen 5000U Cezanne match or beat Intel’s up-coming Tiger Lake CPU with DG1 Discrete “Iris Xe Max” Graphics.

Taken from Videocardz … The upcoming mobile low-power processors (~15W, configurable TDP from 10 to 25W) will be a mix of Cezanne and Lucienne processors. These codenames refer to the Zen architecture used, thus the Cezanne is Zen3-based while Lucienne is based on Zen2. This somewhat unusual configuration has been tipped through numerous leaks for the past few weeks. Only now we have the full specifications, thanks to ExecutableFix:

According to the data published by ExecutableFix, the processors will see up to a 200 MHz frequency boosts over predecessor (Ryzen 4000 series codenamed Renoir). There is also a change coming to the GPU configuration. AMD is adding more CUs to some parts. For instance, AMD Ryzen 7 5700U which will feature the same GPU configuration as 5800U (8 CUs) along with the same compute core count (8C/16T). The only difference will be the Zen architecture used (Zen3 vs Zen2). Both Cezanne and Lucienne are to use the same GCN-based Radeon Vega graphics.

The ‘flagship’ Ryzen 7 5800U SKU is said to feature 8 cores and 16 threads. This processor will feature 8 GPU Compute Units clocked at 2.0 GHz. The CPU will have 16MB of L3 cache, a double of what Ryzen 4800U and Ryzen 5700U have to offer (both 8C/16T SKUs based on Zen2).


Source: Videocardz, ExecutableFix


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