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How Long Will PS5 and Xbox Series X Last?

Inevitably, the life of a console will always come to an end, but how long will the new PS5 and Xbox Series X expected to last? On average we’re looking at 6-7 years.

Taken from Tom’s Hardware … We know the PS5 and Xbox Series X are arriving this holiday season, but it’s not impolite to ask how long they’ll actually stick around for, before getting replaced by the next “latest and greatest” machine.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer himself isn’t making any promises. But speaking to the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, he doesn’t think that cloud gaming will kill the console, saying “I think I’m going to have a game console plugged into my television for the next decade-plus.”

More good news for gamers came in the form of increased backwards compatibility for the PS5 and Xbox Series X means these consoles will have deeper catalogues of games — so their long-term viability increases. That’s especially true as Microsoft revealed Smart Delivery, which lets you buy an Xbox game once, and get its enhanced version on subsequent consoles at no extra cost, since these consoles are becoming more and more like PCs.

To get a sense of how long the PS5 and Xbox Series X will last, we’ve flipped through the annals of gaming history, looking at the history of Sony and PlayStation’s hardware releases. The good news — for customers trying to save money, at least — is that the lifespan of a console has grown with each generation (with two notable exceptions).

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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