Total War: Pharaoh’s Early Access Weekend Global Timings Revealed

The Total War: Pharaoh Early Access Weekend is almost upon us! Here are the global times for everyone (see below). 🌐 If you’ve pre-ordered your copy, it’ll be available in your Steam library from Sept 29th, 13:00 BST to Oct 2nd, 13:00 BST. Prepare to journey back to the late Bronze Age! 🏺 The Early Access Weekend is an exciting opportunity for you to enjoy a carefully curated presentation of the game that includes two playable factions from two different cultures, a selection of Ancient Legacies, the full campaign map as well as all battle mechanics and most campaign mechanics. The game is playable for up to 60 turns, which can be replayed as often as you like during this time period.

This is the first time we’re offering a pre-order bonus like this and we’re proud to give you the chance to try part of the game a little earlier! We’re currently focusing all available energies on polishing and delivering a smooth and enjoyable launch, so the Early Access Weekend is not a beta test. Of course, if you should happen to encounter a serious bug or issue, please do let us know.

In our last Total War: PHARAOH dev diary before launch on October 11th, we learn more about the dangers you will face as you journey through your campaign, as well as the benefits of remarkably stylish headwear.

Today the team touches on:

  • Pillars of Civilisation: Discover how the world around you changes as the events of the Bronze Age collapse come into play.
  • Royal Court: Find out how your power as Pharaoh can influence the political landscape in your favour.
  • Pharaoh Crowns: Learn how the various traditional crowns and headwear can benefit your campaign.
  • Sea Peoples: Who were they? We’ll never truly know. But one thing is for certain – you need to be prepared for them!

Don’t forget our Early Access Weekend kicks off this week Friday! Pre-order your copy of Total War: Pharaoh to get exclusive access – find out more here.
See you on the battlefield!—The Total War Team

Source: TW:P Steam

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