Slender: The Arrival Set for Visual Overhaul with Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5.2

It’s been ten… long… years…We are thrilled to announce that Slender: The Arrival, the spine-chilling horror game that has captivated millions of players, is about to become even more terrifyingly immersive. Brace yourselves for a huge update coming this October as we introduce a complete visual overhaul utilizing the latest and greatest technologies within Unreal Engine 5.2.
Every shadow, every material, every model and every hair-raising encounter with the mysterious Slender Man will be rendered in stunning detail. This new update not only enhances the graphics but also elevates the overall gameplay experience. Mark your calendars because this October, Slender Man is back.

Take a look at some before and after screenshots here, and then watch the new trailer:

Oh, and one more thing…

Announcing S: The Lost Chapters – our next horror experience.

Prepare for a brand-new type of horror. Delve deeper into the depths of infamous stories once told and unearth the terrible secrets left behind. Brace yourself for an immersive journey that is equal parts horrifying and breathtaking. An experience that is both familiar, yet different…

Forever hunting…
Forever stalking…
Forever watching…
They are here…

You can now wishlist S: The Lost Chapters on Steam.

Source: Slender: The Arrival Official Site

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