The Thaumaturge is Out Now

Hello everyone! The Thaumaturge is out now! Traverse the complex tapestry of 1905 Warsaw where harsh reality intertwines with mysterious powers and dark entities. Use your mystical abilities to tame powerful salutors and investigate the city’s deepest secrets. Step onto the culturally flourishing streets of Warsaw with an even more fashionable style in The Thaumaturge Digital Deluxe Edition.

The Thaumaturge bypasses traditional genre elements and features side quests seamlessly integrated with the main story, along with a meaningful, personal, narrative-driven adventure backed by a myriad of smaller stories. Influence and manipulate characters, carving your path in this world. Exercise caution, as each decision holds consequences that either restrain or feed your inner flaws such as pride, vehemence, or scheming. Give impactful responses through the choice-infused dialogue system. Immerse yourself in turn-based encounters elevated by salutors, ethereal entities commanded by the thaumaturge. Employ your perception to predict and overtake enemy moves, and utilize salutors’ unique abilities for strategic dominance. Drawing inspiration from Slavic folklore, these entities feature psychic strikes and manipulation, along with a wide array of upgrades that transform Wiktor’s skills in combat into an engaging dance of strength and strategy.

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Here are 11 facts about the game. Learn about the mystical art of thaumaturgy and the dangers of taming wild salutors on the dark streets of 1905 Warsaw:

We put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the game will be a smooth and bug-free experience upon release. In case you encounter some issues, please let us know by using 📝THIS FORM. This form is the best way to reach our tech support team directly and it also helps us keep a good track of all the bugs and keep everything organised. Please use it 🙂

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