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Super Mario Bros 3 Sold for $156,000 at Auction

Wow, $156,000 for a pristine copy of Super Mario Bros 3. With that amount … I could have gotten 100 x GeForce RTX 3090 (at original price) haha 😀

Taken from Engadget … It seems that one Mario fan/collector found something to do with all of those coins they’ve picked up. Someone bought a rare copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 for $156,000 at auction.

The sealed copy of the NES classic is now the most expensive game ever sold, according to The Verge. It took the record from a copy of Super Mario Bros., which a bidder snapped up in July for $114,000. Bidding for SMB3 started at $62,500 and 20 bidders tried to get their hands on it.

What makes this particular copy so valuable is that it has a rare box design variant. The word “Bros.” is typically on the right, whereas it’s on the left of this box and it covers a bit of Mario’s glove. It’s the earliest version of the game in SMB3‘s production history. It’s also in excellent condition, with a Wata 9.2 A+ rating for the quality of the box and the seal. The same auction house, Heritage Auctions, sold a Wata 9.0 A-rated copy of that variant in July for $38,400.

Source: Engadget


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