Star Ocean: The Second Story R Demo Available Now

We know a lot of you are pretty excited to play Star Ocean: The Second Story R. After all, the original game is a true classic of the RPG genre and this new remake improves it even further! It adds a beautiful new 2.5D art style, a revamped combat system, a rearranged soundtrack, new illustrations and a galaxy’s-worth of quality of life improvements. To cut a long story short, this crown jewel of the Star Ocean series now sparkles even brighter than before! The game releases on November 2, 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC via Steam… but what if you want to play it earlier? Good news then because a free demo is available right now! Read on and we’ll tell you all about it:

The free demo lets you experience this interstellar adventure for three hours or until you make your way to the exit of Krosse Cave – whichever comes first. In that time, you’ll get to see how the story gets underway as Pangalactic Federation officer Claude C. Kenny is transported to a mysterious location by an equally mysterious mechanism. Around that time, a local named Rena, is attacked by a monster in the Sacred Forest. Claude jumps into action and saves her, but his advanced technology means Rena mistakes him for a hero of myths from her homeland. She hopes he can save her nation, while he wants to find a way back home. Together, they set off for the village of Arlia… and an epic adventure begins.

The game’s Dual Protagonist system means you can start your journey as either Claude or Rena, and both options are available in the demo. If you’re playing the game for the first time, we recommend starting with Claude, but the choice is yours. Depending on the hero you pick as your lead, the perspectives and allies you can recruit throughout the full game will change. Whoever you choose as the lead, you’ll get to explore the opening field areas in their beautiful new 2.5D art style, which combines expressive 2D pixel art characters with attractive 3D environments.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to test out the combat system, which allows for blisteringly fast-paced battles, where “breaking” enemies allows you to dish out spectacular damage in seconds. It’s flashy, visually explosive and super-satisfying. Please note that there have been some minor adjustments for this demo and some features of the full game are not available. In addition, your character level is capped at 12. If you hit that, battles will no longer give you experience or other rewards.

Does your progress in the demo carry over to the full game?
Yes, it does! If you purchase the full version of Star Ocean: The Second Story R on the same platform you played the demo, you’ll be able to import your save data to the full game. Everything you earn, including story progress, items, Battle Points (BP) and Skill Points (SP) used to strengthen character skills, will also be transferred into the full game. And while you can’t earn trophies or achievements in the demo, they’ll unlock when you import your demo save data to the full game. In short, you’ll be able to carry on from exactly where you left off!

Star Ocean: The Second Story R launches November 2, 2023, for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC via Steam.

Pre-order the game to get access to some awesome bonuses:

  • Weapon for Claude: Pangalactic Federation longsword
  • Weapon for Rena: Forest Knuckles

There’s also an early purchase bonus available:

  • Sunrise Ring accessory
  • 20 x Resurrection Potions
  • 20 x Mixed Berries

Early purchase bonus available if you buy the game before 23:59, November 16, 2023 (Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4) or 8:59 PST / 17:59 CET / 16:59 GMT, November 16th, 2023 (Steam).


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Sources: Square EnixStar Ocean Steam

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