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Following on from the official reveal of EA Sports WRC, here are some more details on what players can expect when the game releases on November 3 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via EA App, Epic Store, and Steam. Watch the first EA Sports WRC deep dive (below). This first of two deep dives focuses on three key areas: gameplay, handling, and authenticity. Molly Petit, broadcaster and journalist for WRC, breaks it all down.

Heritage and Experience
EA Sports WRC is built on the foundations of over 25 years of off-road videogame heritage from development studio Codemasters. The team’s previous rally game, DIRT Rally 2.0, paved the way for a new generation of rally game running on the Unreal Engine. Moving to the Unreal Engine has afforded the team greater freedom to create the biggest rally stages in Codemasters’ history, with the longest routes spanning over 30 km – roughly twice as long as those seen in previous titles. In total, EA Sports WRC features over 600 km of unique roads, almost double what was available in DiRT Rally 2.0.

Greater Realism
EA Sports WRC features over 200 stages across 17 real-world WRC locations, reflecting the WRC calendar. An 18th location – Central Europe Rally – that’s being raced in the sport for the first time, will be coming later with a free post-launch update. The locations featured in-game are some of the most realistic that the team at Codemasters has ever built, with each location featuring replicas of actual roads. For example, Rally Monte Carlo’s Col de Turini has been intricately replicated in-game, as has Rally México’s iconic El Chocolate, Rally Portugal’s Fafe, and many more.

Vehicle Classes
With over 70 cars coming to the game at launch, players will have a wide range of options for rallying in EA Sports WRC. From the 2023 season, ten WRC, WRC 2, and Junior WRC vehicles are represented. From year’s past, 60 years of rally are represented from the sports humble two-wheel drive beginning to the brutal Group B era – 18 different classes feature. To read about exactly which cars and classes feature in the game, check out our Car List article.

Rally Authenticity
The 2023 Rally cars feature a complex hybrid system in-game, just like in the real sport. Players will be tasked with charging the battery by braking hard into a corner, and choosing when to deploy that extra power for more speed by getting back on the throttle.

Adjusting the behaviour of this hybrid system and finding the right balance for each stage will be the key to success. Whether it’s opting for an aggressive high-power strategy that drains the battery quicker or a more cautious approach at the cost of ultimate speed, these are the decisions that have to be made before each rally stage.

Dynamic Handling System
EA Sports WRC’s Dynamic Handling System gives players an authentic driving experience across all forms of terrain. Using the handling system from DiRT Rally 2.0 as a base, improvements have been made to tarmac handling, force feedback, aerodynamic simulations, drivetrain inertia, progressive braking and much more.Incorporating feedback from professional rally drivers such as game designer and real-world European Rally Championship 3 winner Jon Armstrong, the team has produced a true-to-life handling model that will be appreciated by experienced players.

Driving Tools
For players unfamiliar to Rally that still want to get involved in the sport through EA Sports WRC, the game’s Dynamic Handling System is supplemented by a suite of tools and options to give those players a driving experience that matches their skill level. Fine-tuning assist settings such as anti-lock braking and traction control, are accompanied by a choice between two different pace note systems.

In the real-world, drivers use a complex language of coded notes to accurately describe the road ahead. While this is faithfully recreated in-game, a simplified pace note system can break down the complex language of rallying to simple terms understandable for all players. In addition, EA Sports WRC maintains the challenging yet approachable driving experience of DiRT Rally 2.0, where gamepad and keyboard players can feel just as confident on the roads as those with the most elaborate sim rigs.

Battle the Elements
As expected, with significant mechanical and physical differences between various rally classes, each car behaves differently. The modern all-wheel drive Rally and Rally cars are incredibly sophisticated, and have a distinctive feel compared to similar cars from the Group A and Group B eras.

Furthermore, For the first time in Codemasters rally history, players will tackle rallies across Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The various climates and weather conditions introduce unique challenges. A drive through a hot Summer stage will feel very different to tackling the same roads in wet and snowy Winters.

Audio Improvements
Audio plays a huge factor in authenticity and this area of the game has had special attention from Codemasters’ acclaimed audio team. Drivers will hear every bump, scrape, gear change, and engine roar in incredible detail. High quality real-world recordings of modern and historic rally cars coupled with enhanced audio technology, help immerse players in the environment.

To enhance this experience during stage runs, co-driver and chief engineers will guide players throughout, offering valuable insight and coaching. Co-drivers recorded their pace notes on motion rigs in the Codemasters studio, so that their voices accurately represent the feeling of being in a real rally car. Plus, between events, familiar WRC names will analyse on-stage performances just like in real WRC broadcasts.

Available to Pre-Order Now
We’re just getting started with sharing what’s to come with EA Sports WRC ahead of launch on November 3, 2023. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next deep dive, focusing on Career, Builder, Moments and every other mode coming to the game.

Everyone who pre-orders EA Sports WRC will receive each of the five VIP Rally Passes that contain additional post-launch content, as well as three vanity packs consisting of liveries and apparel, and up to three days of early access starting October 31, 2023

Source: EA Sports

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