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Square Enix Sets Early 2024 Launch for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

You’ve been wondering when you’ll get your next look at FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. That time is now! We’ve just released a new trailer for the game, and it offers a first glimpse at the gameplay and story of the highly anticipated new RPG. Not only that, we also revealed a fresh look at the upcoming mobile title FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, including details of the upcoming closed beta test.

There’s a lot to see in the new footage: A fully controllable Red XIII! Yuffie’s part of the team! Massive-scale boss fights! Rideable chocobos! An expansive and beautiful world! You’ll also get a glimpse at the gripping story, which sees Cloud Strife and his allies confronted by some shocking mysteries, along with some exciting ways for them to team up in combat. We think you’ll agree it’s a tantalizing taste of what you’ll get to experience when the game releases. As for when that will be, we can tell you that FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will launch in early 2024 digitally and physically for PS5.

Here is the magnificent new trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH:

For those who missed the game’s initial announcement in the FINAL FANTASY VII 25th Anniversary Stream last year FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the second game in the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project. It’s a completely standalone game that takes Cloud, Tifa, Barret and Aerith out of Midgar and into the wider world. The team embarks on a globe-spanning adventure in pursuit of Sephiroth – a vengeful swordsman long thought to be dead. You’ll also unravel a gripping story that’s rich with mysteries to uncover, and explore the personal journeys of many party members to discover more about their backgrounds and the events that forged them into the people they are today.

All said, it’s shaping up to be a remarkable RPG. As FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Producer, Yoshinori Kitase explains: “We’re honored to bring players around the world early next year the next installment of this thrilling tale, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. The party will embark on a new adventure, so players can enjoy this story even without any familiarity with the previous title or the original FINAL FANTASY VII. The vast and explorable world along with the newly evolved speedy battles are sure to provide a most exciting gaming experience to new adventurers. We would, of course, like to invite returning players and longtime fans to watch our new trailer closely for glimpses of pivotal story moments that Cloud and his friends will confront. The entire team has worked fervently with love and adoration for the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, reaching new heights of cinematic storytelling, immersive combat, rich exploration and more, and we can’t wait to share more details later this year.”


FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS new trailer and pre-registration
We’re also excited to show you a new trailer for FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS, which is in development for iOS and Android devices and is slated to release this fall. Take a look, because it speaks for itself:


This new game is a chapter-structured single-player experience that covers key elements of the FINAL FANTASY VII timeline, including the events of the original game along with spinoff titles such as CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- and more.

It also features new story elements, penned by FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima surrounding the origins of SOLDIER, and a young hero: Sephiroth!

Pre-registration is starting on the App Store and Google Play Store, ahead of the game’s release later this year (Please note that “Pre-orders” or “Pre-registrations” reflected on each store may be delayed depending on your region).

By pre-registering on an Android device, you’ll have the chance to participate in an upcoming closed beta test, planned for July 6-14, 2023.

For more information and updates, be sure to follow FINAL FANTASY VII on social media:


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