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SHOGUN 2 Total War Available FREE on Steam Until May 1st

If it’s free … then why not. Check out Steam on May 1st where you’ll be able to download SHOGUN 2 Total War for free.

Taken from TPU … Within the #stayhome initiative, free games are one of the best ways for us techies to pass our time whilst giving our computers time to rest in-between Folding@Home calculations. If you’re looking to get your PC to render beautiful 2D and 3D scenarios set in feudal Japan, one of the best entries in recent years in the Total War series of PC strategy games, SHOGUN 2, is now available for free until may 1st on Steam. Just navigate to the store page for the game to download it.

SHOGUN 2 has been very well received by the PC gaming community, sitting currently with a 90 Metascore based on critic reviews and a 8.4 average user score. It’s widely considered to be the best entry in the series after the legendary Medieval Total War 2, and that’s saying a lot for this genre of games. Have some hundred hours to spare? This is the free game to get. And if you’re looking at other Total War entries, Creative Assembly is currently holding a sale on Steam that brings prices down for select titles in the franchise.

Source: TPU


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