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PowerWash Simulator to Feature Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar

It should be available on 2nd March.

Taken from Engadget … PowerWash Simulator developer FuturLab will soon give players more stuff to clean up with their trusty pressure washers, as it’s adding another free crossover expansion. Five levels set in Final Fantasy VII‘s Midgard are coming to the game on March 2nd.

You’ll be able to team up with some friends and blast away muck from Cloud’s Hardy Daytona motorcycle, the interior of Tifa Lockheart’s Seventh Heaven bar and even the Scorpion Sentinel and Airbuster bosses. You’ll get jobs from both Avalanche and Shinra, and learn more about members of each through text messages. There are new types of grime to deal with as well, such as bio-residue.

The Midgar Special Pack follows on from five free levels set around Lara Croft’s Croft Manor that FuturLab and publisher Square Enix rolled out last month as part of the Tomb Raider Special Pack. They’re neat additions to a very enjoyable and relaxing first-person game that lets you clean up disgusting virtual vehicles and environments without having to do ridiculous things like buying a pressure washer or going outside.

Source: Engadget

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