More Games Get DLSS Support This Week

Each week, we’re bringing you news of the latest DLSS and ray tracing integrations in games and apps. Last week, Forever Skies and Trepang2 launched with DLSS 2, and our Unreal Engine 5.2 DLSS 3 plugin was released, making it even easier for gamers to multiply frame rates.

This week, the highly rated Stranded: Alien Dawn is adding support for DLSS 2, and the new GeForce RTX 4060 goes on sale, giving 1080p gamers high frame rates and detail levels, and up to 100 FPS in the most demanding games courtesy of DLSS 3.

Stranded: Alien Dawn With DLSS 2 Available Now
Haemimont Games and Frontier Foundry’s Stranded: Alien Dawn is an engrossing planet survival sim that places the fate of a small marooned group in your hands. Forge your story through compelling and immersive strategic gameplay as you make vital decisions to protect your survivors, who come under attack from increasingly hostile creatures, while trying to complete the 3 scenarios’ main objectives.

Today, the game’s free Jungle Update arrives on Steam, adding a new region to explore, new gameplay mechanics, and more. For GeForce RTX gamers, the update also includes support for NVIDIA DLSS 2.

TIME BREAKER Available Now With DLSS 2
DLSS 2 and 3 can be added to many games with just a few clicks thanks to engine plugins, giving GeForce RTX gamers faster performance and an even better experience. On Steam, there are dozens of indie games leveraging DLSS 2 and its plugins, including SHK Interactive’s TIME BREAKER, a first-person puzzle game with time control. Players tackle impossible puzzles by thinking how and when the time can be slowed down to complete challenge rooms.TIME BREAKER also features ray tracing ambient occlusion, ray-traced reflections, and ray-traced shadows – activate DLSS 2 to accelerate your frame rate and enable you to enjoy all of these effects at high resolutions.

For more information, watch these videos:

Source: NVIDIA

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