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Bandai Namco Opens “Park Beyond” Beta Playtest to PC Gamers on Steam

Take advantage of the Open Beta and secure the exclusive Golden Omnicar. Park Beyond is park management, where you can build and manage the parks of your dreams. Whether you love to manage your staff, build crazy roller coaster, or decorate your own theme worlds. Park Beyond has something in store for you. PC gamers can download and play the Open Beta on Steam. This test period will be open until June 15 (3 PM). Be creative!

Park Beyond is a theme park simulation game that gives you the freedom to create and manage the Parks of your Dreams! Whether you love to manage finances and visitor experience or just create fun and cozy parks, the game has something in store just for you! In Park Beyond, you are the creative force behind a series of amusement parks, a Visioneer! You’re a combination of a creator, a manager, and a designer, wrapped up in one powerful package. Every aspect of developing and maintaining successful theme parks will be under your control.

Going even further, you can adapt the entire world to your imagination by using terraforming tools to raise mighty mountains for your coasters to summit or whip up custom ride scenery using the modular building system that can be grouped, saved, and duplicated for quick and easy creativity!

Join in 7th June – 15th June, no registration needed!


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