MintRocket Unveils Wakerunners, a Top-Down PvP Action Shooter

MintRocket’s Project TB unveiled as Wakerunners! This is a post-apocalyptic team-based action game set on a future Earth, offering a unique blend of fast-paced combat, diverse characters, and engaging game modes in a Top-Down PVP setting. The official name ‘Wakerunners’ combines ‘Waker’, for the human species enhanced with biometric abilities, and ‘Runners’, for the ability to accelerate and decelerate, which is a key setting in the game’s universe.

Game Worldview
In the technologically advanced world of Wakerunners, biometric data chips have granted special abilities to human ‘Wakers.’ After a global virus outbreak and the fall of lunar debris – Earth lies in ruins, revealing gravitational anomalies and the new energy source, ‘Lunium.’ Survivors have formed alliances, competing to secure this precious resource and claim rulership of the new world.

Project TB unveils its official name as Wakerunners! Get ready for the playtest and join us during the Steam Next Fest in February!

Top-down View, Accelerated Movement
Experience the action from above, where the player perspective revolves around the character. As you move, your character will gradually gain speed, requiring precise control for full acceleration and directional changes. Mastering the controls is essential for reaching objectives faster or taking out enemies.

Fast-paced Battlefield
Engage in fast-paced battlefields where split-second decisions can sway the tide of combat. Real-time teamwork and strategic use of skills will be crucial to victory in this dynamic environment.

Various Game Modes
For the upcoming playtest, we have Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Stronghold, Raiders (Field boss fights), and more in development.


  • When and Where Can I Play?—Don’t miss the chance to playtest Wakerunners at the upcoming Steam Next Fest! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the game, so have fun and share any suggestions or feedback with us.
  • How Many Characters Are Playable?—We currently have 7 playable characters for the playtest. The game is played in team matches, allowing you to choose or switch to a character not chosen by other teammates. Our aim is to have a diverse range of characters for each game mode and situation, with more to be added as development progresses.
  • Where Can I Follow the Latest News?—For those looking for more, join the hype train on our Official Discord! share your thoughts and expectations, and check out exclusive content, only available on Discord.

Don’t miss your chance to help shape the future of Wakerunners, join us for some fast-paced combat from the 5th to the 12th of February!

Source: Wakerunners Steam News

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