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Microsoft’s xCloud is Coming to iOS

That’s according to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer … does that mean we’ll see iOS apps or games on the Xbox too? Now that would be exciting!

Taken from Engadget … Microsoft tested a version of its xCloud game streaming on iOS but couldn’t go any further with its app due to Apple’s restrictions. Since then, Amazon announced Luna cloud gaming that works on iOS via a web app with some help from the Safari team, and apparently Microsoft plans to follow a similar route.

Business Insider reports that during an all-hands call, Microsoft gaming boss Phil Spencer told employees that the company plans to bring Game Pass and cloud streaming to iOS devices via a browser-based solution at some point in 2021. A report from The Verge backed up that account of his statements, and also said Spencer laid out a plan to launch xCloud on streaming for Windows PCs next year.

The timing of Spencer’s comment is especially interesting as earlier today Microsoft detailed ten app store principles that it claimed will “promote choice, ensure fairness and promote innovation on Windows 10.” Among the promises, Microsoft said it wouldn’t block competing app stores from Windows, and wouldn’t block apps from its store based on a developer’s choice of payment processing for in-app purchases — which is specifically what the fight between Apple and Epic is focusing on. It also touched on its own issue with the Apple setup by promising not to block an app based on “whether content is installed on a device or streamed from the cloud.”

Source: Engadget


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