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Hello Games Introduces No Man’s Sky Latest Expedition – Singularity

Hello Everyone! Only last week, we launched No Man’s Sky on a whole new platform, bringing the galaxy to Mac owners everywhere! 2023 has already been an extremely busy year for our small team. Fractal brought full native support for PSVR2, alongside a spread of accessibility and quality of life features, while the accompanying Utopia expedition experimented with a unique twist on gameplay, and united players under the umbrella of a universal habitation project.

Most recently, the Interceptor update introduced a new ship to collect, a host of gameplay features, and began to peel back the first layers of a mystery centred around worlds corrupted by vivid purple crystals, abandoned “harmonic” encampments, and secrets whispered by disembodied robot heads…


Singularity Expedition
Today, we continue that story as we begin community expedition ten: Singularity.

Join fellow Travellers on Expedition #10 – SINGULARITY – as they investigate the cryptic messages from mysterious robot heads in this second chapter of an unfolding narrative. Our journey continues:

Explorers will begin their pilgrimage in a harmonic camp, nestled among the purple-hazed mountains of Ahei XV. Singularity is a narrative-heavy journey, and forms the second chapter of the story introduced in Interceptor.

We don’t want to spoil too much, but Travellers will be invited to unveil a little of the history and origin of the harmonic camps in a mystery that touches upon artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive.

Nada and Polo will be there to support and assist Travellers with the assembly of a robotic Construct, and with a communal goal that may shape the future of the universe…

Singularity’s mysteries extend into several layers, and players who are especially interested in the narrative can delve below the surface to uncover further clues to what is on the horizon for No Man’s Sky. We can’t wait for everyone to dive in and get started!

After completing Singularity, or when the expedition concludes, you will have the option to convert your progress to a Normal Mode save.

The exclusive rewards detailed below are registered at the Space Anomaly’s Quicksilver Synthesis Companion, and any earnt rewards may be redeemed across all save games.

The Singularity expedition begins today, and will run for approximately five weeks.

Singularity Expedition Rewards

Construct Customization Set
Adopt the appearance of a mechanical automaton with this full body customization set, based on the parts you will collect and assemble over the course of the Singularity expedition. We are very excited to see how players use this, our first new full customization set for several years!

A choice in the Singularity narrative will complete the automaton suit with the Atlantid or Crimson head.

Atlas, Atlantid, and Construct Posters
Decorate bases with these souvenirs of your Singularity journey – depicting the Atlas, the ethereal substance within corrupted Sentinels, and a possible schematic for a mysterious Construct.

Discordant Jetpack Trail
This jetpack exhaust is augmented with an atlantideum filter. When activated, its discordant effect is spilled across the landscape, a trail of dissonant reverberations that echo on a strange and unknowable frequency…

Crimson Freighter Trail
A cosmetic enhancement to your freighter’s main drive, this harmonic generation device converts the output of the freighter engines to Atlas frequencies, radiating a painfully crimson trail.

Living Fragment Base Decorations
This is a detailed replica of the Living Fragments that litter discordant worlds, the prismatic grains that thrust from the earth in a struggle for freedom from their geological prison. It is buildable both with a drone and without, and in several shape variants.

Wayfarer’s Helm
Despite its aerodynamic appearance and advanced solar design, reliance on helmet-exclusive propulsion is not advised. For maximum safety, ensure all body parts are propelled equally.

Community Research
The Quicksilver Synthesis Companion has concluded their Geometric Cape schematic, which is now available for synthesis at their kiosk aboard the Space Anomaly. They thank Travellers for all the contributions towards their research, generated by the completion of Nexus missions.

A vintage garment woven from a star silk blend, bearing a classic geometric design.

The companion is taking a short rest from blueprint research, to contemplate their next project while Travellers focus on the Singularity expedition.

Development Update
Today, we are releasing update 4.30, which includes the Singularity expedition, as well as a number of stability and gameplay fixes. We look forward to seeing everyone exploring Singularity’s challenges and narrative – and we have many more surprises in store for this year! Our journey continues…


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